Commercial PaintingCommercial property owners and managers have trusted the expertise of Complete Painting Services for over 20 years for their precision and professionalism in Chesapeake, Virginia and the surrounding areas. Our team of experts will assist you with your brick, concrete, pre-cast, or stucco buildings.

Our Commercial Services include:

Concrete Floor Staining and Painting: Concrete staining is by far the most popular technique for enhancing and polishing commercial flooring. Concrete staining is highly versatile, allowing you to attain any look whether bold or subtle. Unlike with paint or coating, stains penetrate deeply into the surface, preventing flaking or peeling. Complete painting services also specializes in concrete painting, specifically water-based stains, concrete dyes and tinted sealers.

Exterior and Weather Proof Painting: Complete Painting Services uses the highest quality Sherwin Williams paints for commercial weather proof painting. In weatherproofing, the quality of paint is essential, as it should keep severe weather on the outside while allowing damaging moisture vapor to escape from beneath.

Drywall Repair: Drywall damage can range from small holes to large cracks, but can be repaired fairly easily and quickly. Complete Painting Services ensures that once your wall imperfections have been restored, they will look better than before!

Exterior & Wood-Rot Replacement: Preparation is the key to a long-term quality paint job. Our attention to detail prevails all others in the area and we guarantee that no level of deterioration will be detected for two years, or your money back.