Deck Restoration
Complete Painting Services in Chesapeake, Virginia has been performing deck restorations for years. We find that most of our customers don’t hold out much hope when they ask us what we can do for their old, gray, tired-looking deck. But there are plenty of options when it comes to deck restoration and staining. Our deck restoration experts in Virginia will do everything necessary to brink your deck back to life.

Complete Painting Services can often restore your deck to almost brand new condition! We have been getting great deck restoration results since we opened our doors, and it’s all due to the inventory we use and the expertise we bring to the job.
Successful deck restoration begins with a thorough cleaning of the old wood. We choose from among a few different “deck brightening” products that are effective in removing the dull, gray, worn out look of aged wood. The brightening element we use depends upon the age and deterioration of the wood, the wood species, surrounding landscaping, and other pertinent factors. But don’t worry, we do this all for you as experienced professionals.
The brighteners and cleaners are applied to the wood, left to sit for a short period of time, possibly agitated to loosen grime, and then rinsed with a pressure washer. Here is one example of just how successful this process can be:

Once dry, the deck is ready for a preservative coating. In most cases it makes sense to use a transparent stain. These come in both oil and water borne formulations, as well as in a number of colors. When these are applied, the wood is protected and moisturized, and the full grain of the wood remains visible -even when a colored stain is selected.

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