Commercial Stucco Cleaning
Allow Complete Painting Services to make your exterior pristine by washing away the dirt, algae, and mildew, creating those unwanted stains. The cleaning processes we utilize work very well for not only stucco but also brick, stone, concrete and pre-cast.

Many have experienced that Stucco is not an easy surface to maintain. The porous surface can accumulate hidden dirt and creates a habitat for algae and other organisms. Power washers are strongly advised against, as they can create a very damaging effect to the surface. To clean and maintain stucco properly, the key is to use a soft wash method that will destroy the organisms which cause the stains, beneath the surface.

Complete Painting Services in Chesapeake, Virginia are very cautious and thorough when cleaning stucco. By utilizing a soft wash/ low pressure cleanser equivalent to the pressure of a garden hose, the final rinse and detergents are then used with accuracy.

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